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Ring Sizer
Ring Sizer
Ring Sizer

Ring Sizer

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This ring sizer works like a belt. Put the end through the loop around your finger and whichever letter the “buckle” meets, is your ring size!!! You want it to fit snug but not too tight that you can still slide it over your knuckle fairly easily.

The size shown in the photo is size L.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to be ordering a thick or wide ring like the Sister Silver Ring, please order 1 size larger than your ring sizer shows.

Comes with free shipping automatically. It will be sent as a letter with no tracking unless you order it with jewellery. 

*Disclaimer - improper use of the ring sizer resulting in ordering the wrong ring size is the responsibility of the customer. You can have rings resized later down the track   at local independent jewellers for a small fee. Xox Kachiri 

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Ring sizer

Awesome, no second guessing anymore on what size to order.

Todd Tombleson

Ring Sizer

Laura Negrin Ledesma
Never arrived

Never arrived my purchase

Meagan Ashdown

Really helped!

great tool

These are fantastic and inexpensive ways to check each finger size to see what you need for where-can be made bigger or smaller with ease. Great idea before getting something made if you do not know.